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Oxford English Test

Oxford English Test

The Oxford Test of English is an affordable, personalized test that fits you. 100% online, it’s flexible, fast and available at Approved Test Centres worldwide. Plus, it’s the only proficiency test certified by the University of Oxford.

The Oxford Test of English is a multi-level, general English proficiency test which assesses the ability to understand and communicate effectively in English, reporting at three CEFR levels: B2, B1, and A2.

The test covers all four skills: Speaking, Listening, Reading, and Writing.

The Reading and Listening modules are computer adaptive, which means that the test adjusts the difficulty of questions based on the test taker’s responses, making the test more motivating, shorter, and giving a more precise measurement than traditional proficiency tests.

The Speaking and Writing modules use task randomization, making each test an individualized experience.

Overview of the Oxford Test of English structure

ModuleNo. partsNo. tasksNo. itemsTiming (minutes)
Speaking4615Approximately 15
Listening41220Approximately 30
TOTAL142959Approximately 2 hours
Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4
Speaking – Approximately 15 minutes
Eight questions on everyday topics
Two voicemails in response to two different situations
Short talk on an issue or scenario
Follow-up questions
Six follow-up questions on the theme of the Part 3 talk
Listening – Approximately 30 minutes
Multiple choice – picture options
Five short monologues/ dialogues each with one 3-option multiple-choice question with picture options
A longer monologue with five 3-option multiple-choice note-completion questions
Matching opinions with people who say them
A longer dialogue with five 3-option multiple-choice questions focussing on identifying opinion
Multiple choice
Five short monologues/ dialogues each with one 3-option multiple-choice question
Reading – 35 minutes
Multiple-choice questions on short texts
Six short texts from a variety of sources, each with one 3-option multiple-choice question
Multiple matching
Six items to match with three profiles of people OR six profiles of people to match with four longer text descriptions
Gapped sentences
Six extracted sentences are inserted into a longer text
Multiple-choice questions on a longer text
Four 3-option multiple-choice questions
Writing – 45 minutes
Written response to an input email
80 – 130 words
20 minutes
Essay or article/review
Essay OR article/review on a topic typical of classroom discussion
100 – 160 words
25 minutes

Results and certification

With the Oxford Test of English, your overall level of English is certified by the University of Oxford. The results are ready within 14 days. Sign in to your account to see your results and print out your certificate.

  • The Oxford Test of English provides a score from 0–140
  • For scores of 51–140, a CEFR level of A2, B1, or B2 is provided
  • For scores of 0–50, the test provides an indicative CEFR result of ‘Below A2’.

How do I prepare for Oxford English Test