Muhammad Humail Ashrafi

CEO The Trainerz

Dear Students,

By the grace of God, we have been able to provide quality education to our countrymen for the past 10 years, and the growing number of students that we have shown the level of trust they have in use for delivering on our promises. I am an educator. My passion is to support the growth of education in whatever context that might be. My objective of life is to educate people with lot of respect regardless, race, gender, ability or disability.

Over the past ten years my mission is to build trust in students so they can gain confidence, encourage them to be enthusiastic & increase their desire of learning. To always hold the student in the best light, to be always going beyond my own pre-conceived notions of the student’s talents and abilities, to expect more of the student than he expects of himself, to be a great coach, a great listener, a great inspirer.

The Trainerz started in 2008 as an institute which envisages the best future for the students who join us.The Trainerz is moving forward to give the best possible trainings and personal development. As I believe only with the help of education we can bring positive change in our society and the best thing to start with is “effective communication”. We are providing program “learn for life” and “Business English” for every success to achieve.

Here is hoping that The Trainerz will be a stepping stone in realizing this dream. And I hope along the way, we can be the catalyst for others to find their dreams too. What we aim to deliver is not speaking, listening, reading and writing skills only. We aim to enable people to find better jobs, travel the world, study abroad and better standard and tools to be successful in life. I am positive that you will have no regrets with your decision to study at The Trainerz either during your time with us or when your career is underway.

The entire faculty and I welcome you to The Trainerz.